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Sund Energy Homes Inc.

The team of Sund Energy Homes, Inc. consists of four Vermonters:  Tim and Cheryl Sund (husband and wife) and two of their sons (Jeremiah and Matthew).  The core has been together as a building family since 2004.    The main focus of our efforts has been moving forward with the development in the building design and styles of Enertia homes.  We have had the privilege of working alongside the innovator and owners of Enertia (Mike and Emmy Sykes) having built five Enertia homes in the northeast, customizing each build over the past 9 years with the aid and help of Mike Vinsel (Enertia’s head architect). 

We are a family moving with purpose towards giving our customers what they want by incorporating old and new building science.  Our intent is to build a home that a family can live in comfortably in a manner that will conform to their own personal lifestyle (knowing there is not one type of house that is right for everyone).  We are proud to be a small company typically only building one house at a time which gives us the ability to meet the needs of the homeowners from start to finish.  Implementing different building features (photovoltaic, solar thermal, and/ or geothermal,) allows for versatility in implementing a diverse building strategy.